Cloud Computing

Get acquainted with the Best Possibilities in Cloud Computing. Tringapps brings you the finest experience in Cloud Computing through eminent cloud strategies and multi-cloud platforms that leverage optimum security, enhanced agility and enterprise scalability.

Cloud Services

Embrace unparalleled productive capability and enrich your cloud experience with tringapps.

We live in a continually evolving technological era, with new technologies emerging every other second, only the best ones equipped to adapt to this change could survive in the long run. It is a certainty that cloud services are an integral part of the change that could influence your digitization journey and business productivity to a great extent. A good cloud partner will endow you with all the requirements to attain business agility and rapid transformation of your enterprise into a digitally sound environment.

We have a dedicated team of experts who will assess your cloud readiness and assist you through every step of the cloud journey by analyzing your existing infrastructure and transforming it into a cloud favorable one. Tringapps gives you the best set of architects, engineers, and DevOps professionals who will enhance your cloud journey with intrinsic designs and frameworks that is imperative. Our service catalog has tailored Cloud development, Cloud Infrastructure services, Cloud Operation services, Cloud Security Services, Cloud Migration, Cloud Analytics, Cloud Cost Optimization and Application services developed with the newest technologies to provide the best cloud capabilities.

The wide array of mature cloud capabilities and efficient application development services from tringapps will help your organization get into the digital journey that ensures better business productivity and agility. We offer a customized set of a cloud strategy that will enhance your existing processes and gives you digital abilities essential for the market. Our cloud strategy promises flexibility, scalability, and security for your process, along with cost optimization

Internet of Things

As per the client’s requirement, tringapps can deliver an efficiently designed and developed IoT cloud that is extremely scalable and intelligent. We facilitate IoT devices such as wireless sensors, trackers, appliances, software, actuators, and other computer devices.


We prepare your organization to capitalize the most of digital innovation using the cloud with our expert cloud architecture that will enable top-quality security and surveillance using smart IoT cameras, surveillance cameras, action cameras, etc.

Networking and WIFI

Experience digital disruption in integrated networking and wi-fi solutions such as access points, switches, and routers through the cloud. Our innovative cloud services promise agile, reliable, and secure connectivity.

Next-gen Telco

Tringapps brings you the futuristic technologies which would enable your organization to move faster in the digital race. We have reformed the cloud capacities of many companies to a much more functional and scalable one.

Cloud Deliverables

Cloud-Native Development

Tringapps aids you to commence your Cloud journey by integrating your scattered legacy applications to a cloud-native solution that could be installed, upgraded, and transformed in the most uncomplicated way. Our cloud-native experts build native applications that are customized based on the business requirement and do not demand the extra effort of re-engineering as the applications are pre-designed for public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Cloud Application

Our stack of IPs and reusable Frameworks will offer you the provision of incorporating customized application services that ensure business productivity. We feature the latest technologies in our cloud application development that will enable faster processing and leverage better business.

We provide a comprehensive set of cloud application development services that will enable our clients to generate productive business. We analyze the legacy system of our clients, receive their inputs to design and develop applications according to

  • Back end programming networks
  • Front end technologies
  • Web frameworks
  • Database services

Cloud Migration

Migrating your business software to the cloud or from one cloud to another can turn out tricky if you do not have a brilliant cloud consultant at your disposal. Your cloud partner should have the capabilities to analyze your existing digital environment and come up with the best cloud strategy that will help your business grow. Tringapps provides you the opportunity to experience a smooth migration with no risk of downtime or technological hiccups associated with the process. We begin our cloud partnership with clients by accessing their cloud readiness, designing and developing an architecture best suited for their process, and inducing digital transformation only after thorough testing and quality analysis before going live. We also ensure that the cloud migration provides business scalability, agility, improved performance, high security and reduces costs.

  • Move your technologies from inhouse servers to cloud servers in less time
  • Revamp your legacy systems
  • Migrate from one cloud to your desired cloud service provider

Cloud Infrastructure and Implementation

Tring apps offer our cloud services in Private, Public, and Hybrid Clouds. Our Cloud association with Cloud Platforms such as Amazon Cloud Service, Google Cloud Platform and Azure, gives us the leverage to architecture customized cloud-ready solutions and services. Cloud Implementation is a process that has to be meticulously planned and executed, with the cloud expertise provided by tringapps, your business will certainly achieve faster, cost-effective, and intelligent cloud solutions.

Cloud Security

The risks and threats pertaining to cloud security are now 24*7 under the radar like never before. With newer technologies in, with big money involved, major organizations are playing their cards right by investing in better technology for efficient security. Tringapps secure your cloud infrastructure, network, data, and applications with expertise, frameworks, compliance, and tools. While our clients associate with tringapps, we make sure to provide a comprehensive security approach towards all the services and keep them safe and secure. We empower to mitigate cybersecurity risks with our security services such as security design and architecture, execution of solutions, security information & event management, and security operations monitoring. Our Security Operation (SecOps) team is erudite on every aspect of cybersecurity and supportive enough to help you overcome any kind of unauthorized intrusions or illegal attacks to the system such as changing or deleting sensitive data and interfering with the business process. At tringapps, we have the digital maturity to use the latest technologies and futuristic tools in mitigating attacks on cloud infrastructure including public cloud and hybrid cloud environments to applications, networks, and data. Our team provides an all-inclusive cybersecurity approach performing penetration testing, static & dynamic source code analysis, SQL injection, cross-scripting, and many more. We have an updated compliance procedure that follows regulations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, and others.

Tringapps monitor, identify your system vulnerabilities and fix them using modernist technologies with our expert DevOps team and keep our customers safe and secured.

Cloud Operations

Experience your cloud with the latest functional attributes designed, deployed, and maintained by tringapps with the adept team of professionals in DevOps, CI/CD, and NOC operations. Manage your cloud operations with the best cloud companion. It is as important to operate your cloud efficiently as that of migrating to the cloud. You need an expert cloud operations manager to make sure that you extract all the finest cloud capabilities to accelerate your productivity and scalability in business. Tringapps assist you in managing your cloud operations in the best way possible by extending utmost care in cloud management. We execute continuous integration and development of the cloud environment with new-age technologies expert resources. We strive to provide a state-of-the-art cloud managerial service that will deliver a continuous cloud experience enriched with stability and security.


  • Continuous production delivered
  • Cost Optimization
  • Periodical system and software updates
  • New age tools and technologies


  • Streamilining Areas of security operations
  • Tracking vulnerabilities with updated library and packages
  • Patching and upgrading of operating system
  • Meticulous inspection of container,servers, public cloud service account
  • Comprehensive allocation of new-age security tools and technologies

Continuous integration and development

  • Perspective analysis before product release
  • Quality Analysis at each step
  • Device promotion strategy
  • Saving digital artifacts

Network operations

  • Event analysis and management
  • Management of performance, problem, incident and capacity
  • Predicting upcoming outages

Cloud Analytics

In the epoch of data revolution and data abundance, our excellent team with immense practice in data analytics, video analytics, and AI/ML will guide you through accessing data from a huge data pile for data production with power on reporting, visualization, and a custom based dashboard.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Acquire the best approach on the cloud with tringapps as we transform your cloud culture by eliminating unwanted cloud spend. Optimize your cloud capability by streamlining resources to better productivity, rightsizing computing services, and enabling the right steps to meet security and compliance.

Our Cloud Platforms

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform