Tringapps specializes in the design, development, and maintenance of OTT applications and content distribution platforms, with an emphasis on streaming video. As traditional media distribution paradigms become obsolete and new technologies enable companies to reach their customers directly, OTT promises to unlock fresh opportunities for content dissemination and monetization. That’s why so many organizations have chosen to partner with Tringapps to design, create, and maintain the platforms that showcase their OTT content. From the biggest movie studios to the smallest magazine publishers, Tringapps is the hidden foundation enabling them entertain, engage, and inform audiences world-wide.

Delivering Content in Style

Tringapps prides itself on delivering unparalleled OTT customer experiences that set the bar for reliable, engaging media distribution. By prioritizing the user experience to create sticky platforms and happy subscribers, we help our customers capture and retain audiences, and grow their revenue. Our expertise in the OTT space extends from designing and developing premium platforms to maintaining and upgrading them over time, ensuring that they always meet the highest standards of reliability and excellence.

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With unrivaled experience creating OTT apps and platforms for global brands, Tringapps stands head-and-shoulders above the competition. We have crafted over a thousand digital experiences for our customers, enabling them to deliver their content to more than 400 million subscribers across the globe. We can do the same for for you.

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Our customers include start-ups, global brands, and everything in between. Whether you’re a one-man show or a Fortune 500 company, Tringapps can help you meet your business objectives.


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