Digital Transformation

Reaching right audience at the right time with right message is the art of Digital marketing. By adapting to right method of digital marketing, we help our client’s website to attract intended audience to their business, create awareness, get them engaged and increase their customer base.

At tringapps we strongly believe on “no one-size-fits-all” approach, based on our industry experience our customized strategies keeps evolving to adapt and fit client’s requirement in the digital era.





Campaign success can be achieved by following three principles: get ad impression, utilizing the given space for the ads, and write great ad copy. Defining the campaign goals and user segmentation helps build a robust campaign structure. Attention needs to be paid to account settings, campaign and ad group structure, keywords and negative keywords. It is necessary to use extensions and optimizing them, understanding how extensions work is imperative to good campaign performance. tringapps team develops well architected paid search campaign allowing our clients to increase relevant traffic to their website.

tringapps Paid Search team develops paid campaigns to drive relevant traffic, limit by geography, days of the week, and time-of-day. Timely, relevant ads and seasonal landing pages are leverage to build customer engagement. We analyze the search term report to identify cheaper, higher-converting keywords, new keywords as well as potential negative keywords.

tringapps paid search team has years of experience in running successful paid search campaigns. tringapps paid search marketing specialists are here to help you go beyond just the basic ads. We build out social media extensions, seller ratings, deep site links and product listings.

"Improve ROI and Conversion, not just raise the Bids"

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