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Transform Ideas into Innovation


Trusted by the Fastest Growing Startups

With established agile development and quality assurance practices, the art of creating engaging applications comes to us naturally. Take your business up a notch with custom web, mobile, and TV applications created by Tringapps.
This Isn't New to Us
We design experiences and interfaces that combine rich functionality, superior performance, and aesthetic appeal to meet our client’s needs.
It's a Group Effort
We work with our customers to understand their users, so we can create products that meet their needs and exceed expectations.




We work with our clients to identify the purpose, goals and audience of the application through transparent communication.



We transform objectives into functional app designs by conducting market research and technical feasibility to validate the idea.



Our Tringers build commercially viable applications with user-friendly interfaces and exceptional user experiences.


Quality Assurance

We specialize in web development that produces optimal and secure applications. We utilize the latest tools and technologies to turn your vision into a reality.



After passing multiple security and compliance checks, your app is ready to be launched.


Continuous Support

We're committed to delivering an excellent user experience through regular updates and maintenance to ensure the product's continued success.

Driving Product Success Custom Development Process

Cross Platform Development

The Game Changer

Tringapps offers cutting-edge cross-platform development solutions that enable companies to create applications that can be used on multiple platforms such as Web, Mobile, Tablet, etc. With a focus on maximum code reusability, we develop cross-platform apps using a single code base such as React Native, Flutter, and Ionic. 



Our cross-platform development approach allows businesses to develop applications that can be run on multiple platforms. This saves time, reduces costs, and increases efficiency.



Our cross-platform development solutions are designed to provide consistent user experiences across all platforms. This aids in building brand loyalty and higher customer satisfaction.



Our solutions are highly scalable, enabling companies to handle large and complex cross-platform applications.

Native Development

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Native Development is the go-to solution for reliable and well-performing applications. Our Tringers are experienced professionals in this area crafting expert native development services that allow organizations to develop applications specifically designed for their target platform.
Unique performance

Unique performance

Our native solutions are designed to utilize the full capabilities of each platform, providing superior performance and dependability.



Our solutions are highly customizable, enabling businesses to personalize their applications to fit their distinctive needs and brand identity.

User Experience

User Experience

Our native solutions are crafted to develop exclusive user experiences that are simple to understand and use, boosting user gratification and loyalty.

Legacy App Modernization

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Modernizing legacy applications is an essential task for businesses looking to upgrade their outdated systems to modern standards. At Tringapps, we provide a unique solution to help upgrade legacy systems with improved efficiency, cost savings and increased agility. Our expert legacy app modernization solutions will ensure your organization is up-to-date and prepared for the future.
Unique seamless integration

Unique seamless integration

Our solutions are crafted to fit perfectly with your existing systems, minimizing risk of interruption and making downtime practically non-existent.

A cost-savings benefit

A cost-savings benefit

Our unique modernization solutions help organizations to save costs through streamlined processes, efficient resource utilization, and enhanced efficiency.

Ensuring Your Success

Ensuring Your Success

Our modernization solutions provide long-term capabilities and advanced functionality in order to keep your business ahead of the competition.


The Proven Route

  • Experience
  • Economy
  • Efficiency
  • Empowerment
1K+ Projects, 400M+ Users

Since 2008, Tringapps has been a trusted partner for industry leaders. With 1000+ projects and 400M+ users, we demonstrate a proven track record. Our app development & cloud managed services enable tech-driven companies to focus on their core business, while we deliver expertise and results-based accountability for success.

Cloud at a Fraction


At Tringapps, cost-optimization is our focus. Our solutions and cloud infrastructure are designed to maximize savings, which has enabled our customers to save tens of thousands of dollars each month when migrating and optimizing their Microservices on AWS. Our Agile process ensures that project management is handled efficiently and effectively.

Expertise at your fingertips


End your search for quality tech talent now! Our technology-driven company comes with proven domain knowledge and experience for your key technology needs. Our Agile process and DevOps mastery make systems and projects run more efficiently than any internal team. Past success stories from clients such as NBC and Energy Ogre attest to our ability to deliver results.

Simplifying Technology


Don't let a lack of tech knowledge stop your business from succeeding. Let Tringapps guide you through the complicated world of tech with our app development, cloud-managed services, and data analytics solutions. We'll help uncover valuable knowledge and maximize tech costs. Trust us to deliver an unbeatable user-journey.


Riding with Tringapps

Since 2008, Tringapps has grown to an international community of 500+ employees, with offices throughout the United States and India.
Our in-house team of highly skilled professionals come with extensive experience in designing and building iconic product services (PAAS). Some of our achievements include the Associated Press Mobile Apps, the first iteration of HBO GO, and various releases of Disney’s Movies Anywhere.

Ways to Engage

Essential Feature SetBusiness Process ReviewBPR
  • 4-8 week comprehensive tech plan
  • Includes project scope, design, architecture, and fixed bid for development
  • Requires client's participation in discovery phase
  • Required for converting T&M to a FB when the project scope is not well defined
Enhanced FunctionalityTime & MaterialsT&M
  • Flexible approach to project demands and requirements
  • Ability to work with internal teams or take on full projects
  • Scalable resource model to adapt to changing project needs
  • Quickly adjust skill sets as needed
  • Transparent reporting for full project visibility
  • Immediate start for urgent projects
Continued ExcellenceFixed BidFB
  • Scope, timeline, and cost agreed upon in advance
  • Can work with internal teams or take on full projects
  • Clear project goals and documentation
  • Transparent reporting for full project visibility
  • Start project as soon as possible


"We have a committed partnership with Tringapps that has held strong over multiple years. I am impressed with the technical capabilities and the commitment for various team members. I am very thankful for the partnership that has contributed to our mutual success."

Product Manager

Product Manager

''Scholastic and Tringapps have sustained a productive two-year partnership on the development of our mobile applications. Tringapps provided thoughtful input which brought our products to even greater heights. We look forward to this continued partnership.''

Executive Director

Executive Director

''It is a pleasure to work with the Tringapps team. The team is talented, sincere, proactive, and dedicated. This guarantees success for NBC in all our initiatives. I highly recommend them for any organization seeking top-tier app Services.''

Vice President

Vice President



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