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Founded in 2008, Tringapps has built state-of-the-art SaaS products that reach a worldwide audience. We began with the iPhone when it was introduced in 2008. Tringapps has designed and built products that have a daily audience of 400 million users and counting.
Having grown to over 500 employees globally, Tringapps has made significant progress over the years. Our design teams and engineers have been instrumental in creating iconic products, such as the original Associated Press Mobile Apps and several versions of popular media streaming platforms such as HBO GO and Disney Movies Anywhere.”
Our customers include startups, global brands and everything in-between No matter the size of your company, we have a tailored solution for you
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Our Memory Lane​

Our beginnings started in 2008 with the advent of the first version of the iPhone. Our supremely talented design teams and engineers architected and built several iconic products ranging from the first Associated Press Mobile Apps, to Enormous Media Streaming Platforms including the first and several subsequent versions of HBO Go, Disney Movies Anywhere, etc.


Tringapps is a company that was established in 2008 with its headquarters in New York City as a front runner in the Saas industry. The company started out with 30+ employees with the goal to revolutionize Software Services.


Tringapps Inc, grew to be a premium in app development partner to Microsoft, Amazon, Avaya, Motorola, Samsung (India), and Nokia.

Expansion was inevitable as the company started to grow across the United States, and India; 100+ employees collectively in New York, California and Chennai.


Tringapps was recognized for innovative work in both mobile development and streaming media. The company has been certified as one of the top 10 innovative mobile development firms by App Magazine. They have also been recognized as the most innovative streaming media firm by Streaming Media.
This acknowledgement highlights Tringapps' commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions in the mobile development and media industry. With expertise and focus on innovation, Tringapps is sure to continue leading the way in these fields.


The company started picking up momentum to amplify its growth and expand services offered. Employee strength expanded to 150+ employees in the United States and India combined. Keeping up with the industry trends, the company had established a VR research group.
Tringapps was certified as one of the "Top 25 UI UX Design Partners: UX Matters".


Employee strength grew to 350+ employees.
The services offered began expanding across App Development, Design: UI & UX, Data Migration. This led Tringapps to develop a "Preferred Channel Partnership" with AWS.
The company had also established their first "Data Science Centre of Excellence".


Tringapps saw an area for growth and created opportunities of employment for some of the best talents across industries.
The employee strength reached capacity of 500+ in India and United States combined.
Established a "Start up Center" to handle product engineering.


The company expanded its development centers in various Tier 2 Centers in Southern India. This move is aimed at leveraging the talent pool in the area to enhance operations and meet the growing demand for our services. Additionally, the company has partnered with leading universities worldwide, which are expected to enhance the company's innovation efforts.
Another key highlight is the daily product usage of the company had increased to 400 million. This is a significant milestone that indicates the popularity and widespread adoption of our products.


Tringapps is CMMI and ISO 27001 certified, indicating commitment to quality management and adherence to international standards.
We also have extended our preferred partnership to Data Bricks, Zixi, DotStudioPro, JWPlayer, VeriMatrix, and Amagi, suggesting a broad range of expertise.
These partnerships highlight our efforts to stay on top of technological advancements and provide clients with the latest solutions.
Tringapps aims at fulfilling the commitment to provide high-quality services that meet the needs, requirements and overall expectations of our clients.

We excel at what we do!

End-to-end product engineering capabilities.

Award-winning UI/UX specialists

Experts in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure cloud computing

Solution Architects and Full Stack Engineers experts in state-of-the-art technologies

Robust QA Automation teams

We excel at what we do!


End-to-end product engineering capabilities.


Award-winning UI/UX specialists


Experts in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure cloud computing


Solution Architects and Full Stack Engineers experts in state-of-the-art technologies


Robust QA Automation teams

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Karthik Kumaraswamy

Karthik is a brilliant technology professional with over 18 years of experience in diverse aspects of business development, product management, product marketing, project management, partner integrations, and engineering. He focuses on providing cutting-edge technology solutions in Mobile, Cloud, ConnectedTv, IoT, and Data Engineering/Sciences. He is ardent in managing clients’ accounts on all levels such as technical, business, support, and product. He has done monumental work in assembling a prestigious line of clients for Tringapps and devising the strategic operations aimed at excellence.

Karthik Kumaraswamy

Senior Vice President
 Prashanth Gnanadesikan

Prashanth is an adroit technologist with 17+ years of experience in providing strategic direction for large-scale programs, managing P&L, and risks while achieving overall company goals and exceeding customer expectations. He has successfully led large-scale systems from initial conception through project closure for a diverse clientele. He has devised his career in a variety of leadership roles to deliver multiple initiatives of strategic and tactical importance. His adept interventions are critical in increasing the company’s portfolio compound growth rate and have assigned Tringapps with a striking future evolved through an outstanding strategy.

Prashanth Gnanadesikan

Senior Director, Technology